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About us:

   Scents of Pride started as a cleaning service in Amarillo, Texas in March of 2017 using the name Barbara’s Non-Toxic Cleaning Service. I used the experience I had gained by cleaning 5-star vacation condos in Destin Beach, Florida, and my love for all things healthy and sustainable.  


   The business grew quickly as people responded to the top-notch service and the use of non-toxic, green cleaning products. Awareness of the health risks of a lifetime of being exposed to toxic cleaning products is growing and I wanted to bring my knowledge and experience with non-toxic cleaning materials to the community. The referrals just keep coming in and now we have grown to a few employees and a new name, with the same exceptional service! We are dedicated to giving all our clients 5-star service and all staff is trained in the speed-cleaning method which is fast, efficient, and thorough!  




Barbara Pierson


What Sets Scents of Pride Apart? 

  • Essential Oils for cleaning and disinfecting.

    We use an essential oil blend called Thieves for 95% of our cleaning. The story of the name is that four thieves in the 1500s developed a cleaning blend of essential oils so effective that they were able to steal from deceased victims of the bubonic plague without becoming infected themselves. When apprehended they bargained the recipe for reduced sentences. This miraculous all-purpose cleaner cleans exceptionally well and is safe for all surfaces! We use it for everything from windows to furniture! It's believed if you breath Thieves, the aroma helps to build your immune system (although we can't legally claim this, I have experienced it myself and believe it to be true)! What a bonus for our families and pets!  From round-up on our crops of food to pine sol on our floors, our environment has become toxic. It is time turn things around. 

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  •  Our Technicians 


    Your home is your sanctuary, so we take the greatest measures possible to protect it and provide a pleasant experience. Friendly and courteous, screening and background checks are performed prior to hiring our technicians. All technicians are bonded and insured, and put through our extensive training using a patented system focused on timeliness, thoroughness and efficiency. After graduating they are assigned homes and with scheduling the technicians clean the same home each time.  At Scents of Pride, we are proud to pay all our technicians a living wage, with bonus incentives paid for a job well done!  

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