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About us:

Scents of Pride Cleaning Co. began its journey in Amarillo, Texas,

in March 2017 under the original name Barbara’s Non-Toxic Cleaning Service.

The story of our founder, Barbara Pierson, is one of passion and dedication.

Her cleaning journey started in Destin Beach, Florida, where she managed

and cleaned 5-star vacation rentals. With a deep appreciation for health

and sustainability, Barbara sought to combine her expertise in non-toxic

cleaning with her commitment to community health,

giving birth to Scents of Pride Cleaning Co.!

photo of owner

Barbara pierson
owner & founder

Since then, we’ve grown rapidly, thanks to the overwhelming positive response from our clients who appreciate our meticulous service and dedication to using non-toxic, green cleaning products. Today, Scents of Pride Cleaning Co. stands as a local industry leader in non-toxic home cleaning services, offering unparalleled service that keeps our

clients’ homes safe and spotless. Our expertly trained staff uses a speed-cleaning method that is fast, efficient, and thorough, saving you both time and money. We are grateful for your trust and are committed to providing top-notch service that ensures a safe and happy home environment for you and your loved ones, becoming Amarillo’s Healthy Choice when it comes to cleaning services!


Barbara Pierson


Scents Of Pride Cleaning Co.

What Sets Scents of Pride Apart? 

  • Essential Oils for cleaning.

At Scents of Pride Cleaning Co., we use a powerful essential oil blend called Thieves for 95% of our cleaning needs. The origin of Thieves dates back to the 1500s when four thieves created a blend of essential oils so effective that they could rob victims of the bubonic plague without falling ill. When apprehended, they traded the recipe for leniency. This all-purpose cleaner is exceptionally effective and safe for all surfaces, from windows to furniture.

Thieves not only cleans beautifully but also offers an aromatic benefit believed to support immune health (though we can't legally make this claim, many, including our founder, have experienced its benefits). This dual function makes it an excellent choice for families and pets, providing a clean, healthy environment without compromising safety.

essential oils cleaning
picture of essential oils
  •  Our Technicians  


Your home is your sanctuary, and we treat it with the utmost care and respect. Our technicians are the backbone of our company, and we ensure they meet the highest standards of professionalism and reliability. Each technician undergoes thorough screening and background checks before hiring. They are bonded, insured, and receive extensive training in our patented cleaning system, which emphasizes speed, thoroughness, and efficiency.

At Scents of Pride, we are proud to support our team by paying a living wage and offering bonus incentives.

Our friendly and courteous technicians are dedicated to providing you with an exceptional cleaning experience, ensuring that your home is always in safe and capable hands.

Thank you for choosing Scents of Pride Cleaning Co., where we combine professional service with non-toxic s

olutions to keep your home sparkling and safe.

We are fully insured

We understand the importance of who you trust to come into your home and provide service work, that is why we are fully insured to cover any accidents should they happen.

Our mission is to provide outstanding service, while protecting your home, safety, and privacy. Part of that includes being ready in the unfortunate instance an accident may occur. 

You can put your trust in us to keep your home safe and clean!

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