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Our Services

Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
We are closed on holidays and weekends

Regular Maintenance Clean
A great all-over cleaning for typical dust and dirt accumulation in all rooms of the home is available weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly.


  •  Sinks (scoured)

  •  Countertops (cleaned/disinfected)

  •  Cabinet doors and Backsplashes (cleaned for food/fingerprints)

  •  Stove-top/drip pans/grills (cleaned)

  •  Range hood (cleaned)

  •  Large and Small appliances (exteriors cleaned)

  •  Oven door glass (cleaned)

  •  Top of refrigerator (dusted)


  •  Mirrors and glass shower surrounds (Cleaned)

  •  Shower, tubs, sinks, toilet bowl (scoured)

  •  Cabinet doors and Backsplashes ( cleaned for fingerprints)

  •  Countertops and products (cleaned)

  •  Rugs shaken


  • One beds made when clean sheets are laid out, additional beds are $7.00 each

  • Vacuum/Mop under bed

Laundry Room

  • Washer/Dryer exterior and countertops cleaned

Whole House

  •  Blinds  (dusted)  

  •  Window sills and lock ledges (dusted)

  •  Window smudges removed from interior

  •  Carpets and rugs (vacuumed/shook)

  •  Ceiling fans and light fixtures (dusted)

  •  Cobwebs (removed)

  •  Light switches and plates (cleaned)

  •  Doors, door jams, door knobs (cleaned for fingerprints)

  •  Baseboards (dusted)

  •  Moldings and woodwork (dusted)

  •  Pictures, decor, knick-knacks (dusted)

  •  Glass doors (cleaned)

  •  Lamps and lampshades (dusted)

  •  Floors (vacuumed/mopped)

  •  Furniture (dusted/vacuumed)

  •  Tables and shelves (cleaned/dusted)

  •  Stairs (vacuumed/mopped)

  •  Wastebaskets (emptied and relined)

Deep Clean
A more intensive, top to bottom clean recommended for first-time cleans.
Includes Regular Maintenance Clean items, plus:

  •  Air vents vacuumed

  •  Baseboards (hand wiped)

  •  Blinds and shutters (vacuumed/cleaned)

  •  Carpets (all edges/crevices vacuumed)

  •  Ceiling fan blades (hand washed)

  •  Doors and frames (hand washed)

  •  Lamps and lampshades (dusted/vacuumed)

  •  Molding and woodwork (hand washed)

  •  Pictures, decor, and knick-knacks (hand washed)

  •  Stairs and railing (hand washed)

  • Kitchen cabinet fronts (cleaned)

  • Top of refrigerator (washed)

  •  Counters and backsplashes (cleaned)

  •  Showers/bathtubs (scrubbed twice/buildup removed)

  •  Hard water stains removed from chrome fixtures

  •  Toilet bowls stains and hard water ring removed

  •  Light fixtures (hand washed, not removed)

  •  Wastebaskets (emptied/washed/re-lined)

  •  Interior Windows Cleaned

Move-In / Move-Out Clean
A thorough cleaning to ensure that your home is cleaned and toxins removed.

Commercial Clean
A top-to-bottom cleaning suited for your business or commercial building.
(please note: we only provide commercial cleaning services for 5k sq feet & under)

Priority Cleaning
Only pay for what you want done! Our fast and efficient cleaning techs will tackle your priority list. A perfect fit for anyone who: 

  • Looking to have an extra set of hands to work alongside you on cleaning projects you have. 

  • Organizing help

  • Only cleaning specific areas, for instance, bathrooms and/or floors.

  • Someone who only wants the occasional help with the hard stuff.

  •  Curtains and drapes (vacuumed)

  •  Doors (washed)

  •  Floors (vacuum and mopped)

  •  Inside and outside oven (cleaned)

  •  Stove top and drip pans (cleaned)

  •  Inside refrigerator and freezer (cleaned)

  •  Light fixtures (cleaned)

  •  Light switch plates cleaned)

  •  Moldings, trim, door frames, railings (cleaned)

  •  Sinks, Tubs, Showers (scrubbed)

  • Walls are spot cleaned unless otherwise instructed.

  •  Air vents (vacuumed/dusted)

  •  Appliances (wiped down)

  •  Baseboards (hand washed)

  •  Bathrooms (cleaned/sanitized)

  •  Blinds (dusted/vacuumed)

  •  Cabinets, pantry, and drawers (wiped down)

  •  Carpets (vacuumed)

  •  Ceiling fans (cleaned)

  •  Counters (wiped down)

  •  Closet shelving dusted or wiped down.

  • Handles/Doorknobs cleaned 

  • Hard floors (vacuumed/swept/mopped)

  • Light fixtures and ceiling fans (dusted)

  • Light switches are all cleaned

  • Stairs (vacuumed)

  • Walls (spot washed)

  • Wastebaskets (emptied and relined)

  • Windowsills and ledges (dusted)

  • Glass doors cleaned

  • Bathroom paper restocked

  • Desktops cleaned & sanitized

  • Office equipment dusted 

  • All computers/printers dusted

  • Monitors dusted and cleaned with dry cloth

  • Baseboards and woodwork (dusted)

  • Bathrooms (cleaned/sanitized)

  • Blinds and mini-blinds (dusted)

  • Carpets and rugs (vacuumed)

  • Cobwebs (removed)

  • Doors cleaned

Move Out dust up
A Less Extensive Move Out Cleaning:

  • Dust off closet shelves, dust the insides of built-in cabinets, dust or wash baseboards, and window sills/lock ledges.

  • Clean the bathrooms, removing hard water marks and soap build up.

  • Clean the exterior of kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors.

  • Vacuums and mops floors.


  • Exterior Window, $7.00 each (client removes and replaced screens)

  • Refrigerator/Freezer $31.50 - $42.00

  • Oven $42.00

  • Cleaning and Organizing Cabinets and Closets

  • Hourly rate applies

  • Q. Do essential oil and other natural cleaners clean as well as traditional cleaners?
    A. Even better! Essential oils melt dirt on contact like magic, stunting the growth of bacteria and other harmful pathogens which can make you sick. Essential Oils work as well as bleach and aren't toxic or cause possible allergic reactions that harsh chemicals like bleach can.
  • Q Are essential oils expensive?
    A. Absolutely not! We buy all of our essential oils in bulk and they come highly concentrated, we mix our own cleaning solutions in-house, and in addition, we reuse the same containers. This cost-effective technique allows us to save money, passing the discounts on to our wonderful clients like yourself, as well as cutting down on disposable waste.
  • Q. Are you more expensive than traditional cleaning companies?
    A. We are a small, locally owned company with no franchise fees to pass on to clients, this allows our pricing to be typically lower than the big-name/larger corporate cleaning companies. In addition to the cost-effectiveness of using highly concentrated bulk essential oils and the reuse of our cleaning containers.
  • Q. Do we need to be home during the cleaning?
    A. Nope, our well-trained and knowledgeable staff have all undergone extensive background checks, along with us being bonded and insured. You can have confidence that we will get right to work, and in most cases finish sooner without having the distractions that may arise when you and your family are there when a cleaning is in process. This saves you money and gives you the peace of mind that you can come home to a fully cleaned house!
  • Q. Do you charge per job or per hour?
    A. During our initial consultation, we ask qualifying questions to come up with a production rate/cost. The production rate is applied to the square footage, and from there we will know how many hours a job should take and the cost of it. If we overestimated, we adjust the invoice to reflect real hours worked. If we underestimate, we will call you to authorize more time if necessary. We value transparency, integrity, and quality, and that is reflected in every aspect of our work.
  • Q. Are the employees paid a living wage?
    A. Yes, our cleaning technicians make an average of $20 or more per hour, as well as gas allowances, performance bonuses, and annual bonuses. This is physically challenging and detail-oriented work and they deserve to be well compensated.
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