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Our Services
Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
We are closed on holidays and weekends

Regular Maintenance Clean
A great all-over cleaning for typical dust and dirt accumulation in all rooms of the home available weekly, bi-weekly and monthly.

Whole House

  •  Blinds  (dusted)  

  •  Window sills and lock ledges (dusted)

  •  Window smudges removed from interior

  •  Carpets and rugs (vacuumed/shook)

  •  Ceiling fans and light fixtures (dusted)

  •  Cobwebs (removed)

  •  Light switches and plates (cleaned)

  •  Doors, door jams, door knobs (cleaned for fingerprints)

  •  Baseboards (dusted)

  •  Moldings and woodwork (dusted)

  •  Pictures, decor, knick-knacks (dusted)

  •  Glass doors (cleaned)

  •  Lamps and lampshades (dusted)

  •  Floors (vacuumed/mopped)

  •  Furniture (dusted/vacuumed)

  •  Tables and shelves (cleaned/dusted)

  •  Stairs (vacuumed/mopped)

  •  Wastebaskets (emptied and relined)


  •  Sinks (scoured)

  •  Countertops (cleaned/disinfected)

  •  Cabinet doors and Backsplashes (cleaned for food/fingerprints)

  •  Stove-top/drip pans/grills (cleaned)

  •  Range hood (cleaned)

  •  Large and Small appliances (exteriors cleaned)

  •  Oven door glass (cleaned)

  •  Top of refrigerator (dusted)


  •  Mirrors and glass shower surrounds (Cleaned)

  •  Shower, tubs, sinks, toilet bowl (scoured)

  •  Cabinet doors and Backsplashes ( cleaned for fingerprints)

  •  Countertops and products (cleaned)

  •  Rugs shaken


  • One beds made when clean sheets are laid out, additional beds are $7.00 each

  • Vacuum/Mop under bed

Laundry Room

  • Washer/Dryer exterior and countertops cleaned

Deep Clean
A more intensive, top to bottom clean recommended for first-time cleans.
Includes Regular Maintenance Clean items, plus:

  •  Air vents vacuumed

  •  Baseboards (hand wiped)

  •  Blinds and shutters (vacuumed/cleaned)

  •  Carpets (all edges/crevices vacuumed)

  •  Ceiling fan blades (hand washed)

  •  Doors and frames (hand washed)

  •  Lamps and lampshades (dusted/vacuumed)

  •  Molding and woodwork (hand washed)

  •  Pictures, decor, and knick-knacks (hand washed)

  •  Stairs and railing (hand washed)

  • Kitchen cabinet fronts (cleaned)

  • Top of refrigerator (washed)

  •  Counters and backsplashes (cleaned)

  •  Showers/bathtubs (scrubbed twice/buildup removed)

  •  Hard water stains removed from chrome fixtures

  •  Toilet bowls stains and hard water ring removed

  •  Light fixtures (hand washed, not removed)

  •  Wastebaskets (emptied/washed/re-lined)

  •  Interior Windows Cleaned

Move-In / Move-Out Clean
A thorough cleaning to ensure that your home is cleaned and toxins removed.

  •  Air vents (vacuumed/dusted)

  •  Appliances (wiped down)

  •  Baseboards (hand washed)

  •  Bathrooms (cleaned/sanitized)

  •  Blinds (dusted/vacuumed)

  •  Cabinets, pantry, and drawers (wiped down)

  •  Carpets (vacuumed)

  •  Ceiling fans (cleaned)

  •  Counters (wiped down)

  •  Closet shelving dusted or wiped down.

  •  Curtains and drapes (vacuumed)

  •  Doors (washed)

  •  Floors (vacuum and mopped)

  •  Inside and outside oven (cleaned)

  •  Stove top and drip pans (cleaned)

  •  Inside refrigerator and freezer (cleaned)

  •  Light fixtures (cleaned)

  •  Light switch plates cleaned)

  •  Moldings, trim, door frames, railings (cleaned)

  •  Sinks, Tubs, Showers (scrubbed)

  • Walls are spot cleaned unless otherwise instructed.

Commercial Clean
A top-to-bottom cleaning suited for your business or commercial building.
(please note: we only provide commercial cleaning services for 5k sq feet & under)

  • Bathroom paper restocked

  • Desktops cleaned & sanitized

  • Office equipment dusted 

  • All computers/printers dusted

  • Monitors dusted and cleaned with dry cloth

  • Baseboards and woodwork (dusted)

  • Bathrooms (cleaned/sanitized)

  • Blinds and mini-blinds (dusted)

  • Carpets and rugs (vacuumed)

  • Cobwebs (removed)

  • Doors cleaned

  • Handles/Doorknobs cleaned 

  • Hard floors (vacuumed/swept/mopped)

  • Light fixtures and ceiling fans (dusted)

  • Light switches are all cleaned

  • Stairs (vacuumed)

  • Walls (spot washed)

  • Wastebaskets (emptied and relined)

  • Windowsills and ledges (dusted)

  • Glass doors cleaned

Priority Cleaning
Only pay for what you want done! Our fast and efficient cleaning techs will tackle your priority list. A perfect fit for anyone who: 

  • Wants to help, working alongside the cleaning tech

  • Organizing 

  • A busy family who just wants the bathrooms scrubbed and the floors vacuumed and mopped.

  • Someone who only wants the occasional help with the hard stuff.

  • Dust off closet shelves, dust the insides of built-in cabinets, dust or wash baseboards, and window sills/lock ledges.

  • Clean the bathrooms, removing hard water marks and soap build up.

  • Clean the exterior of kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors.

  • Vacuums and mops floors.

Move Out dust up
A Less Extensive Move Out Cleaning:

Carpet Cleaning

  • Carpet Cleaning is Available! 


  • Exterior Window, $7.00 each (client removes and replaced screens)

  • Refrigerator/Freezer $31.50 - $42.00

  • Oven $42.00

  • Cleaning and Organizing Cabinets and Closets

  • Hourly rate applies

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