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Due to Covid 19 we have tightened our protocols for everyone’s safety

Covid 19

Once we are reopened and the spread of COVID19 has declined, we will be implementing these new policies and procedures

1. Cleaning technicians will be taking their temperatures each day before heading out. Anyone with a temp over 99 degrees will be instructed to stay home. They will be wearing gloves, shoe coverings and masks.


2. If people or pets are home during the cleaning, we will be observing social distancing, as well as sticking to the business of cleaning, avoiding unnecessary conversation to minimize exposure. We ask you to please leave the room we are cleaning, and to put pets in their designated areas or outside, as to be safer for everyone!


3. All cleaning technicians will be required to thoroughly clean and disinfect their tools between cleanings.

4. We will be adding exterior window washing (to be done with a window cleaning solution that is NOT window restoration that removes hard water) The windows will be clean and clear if you are not suffering hard water stains. This includes the outer rims, tracks, and screens. If you could kindly show the tech how your screens come off or call or text me with instructions. The windows will be done on the same day as your cleaning, to help with the loss of revenue our techs are experiencing due to the cut back of cleaning one home per day. The fee is a flat $5.00 per window along with sales tax of 8.25%. Let me know if you would like your windows washed for a bright and beautiful spring and summer. Also keep in mind that exteriors of glass doors are always included in our cleaning and will not be charged. 


5. We prefer to use your vacuum cleaner if possible, as the Covid19 clings to soft surfaces and cross contamination is a very real possibility. If that is not possible please let me know and we will bring our sanitized vacuum with a small surcharge of $10.00 to cover the extra time and materials needed to thoroughly sanitize the vacuum.


6. If we are changing your sheets please strip the bed and leave clean sheets out on or near the bed for us to use as Covid19 clings to soft material surfaces.


7. We love using Thieves Essential Oil Cleaner and will continue using it. Once the surfaces have been cleaned, we will spray HIGH TOUCH points with medical grade alcohol diluted by 30% as recommends by CDC guidelines. You may see wet surfaces as it needs to be left on to air dry. Alcohol is a natural disinfectant and is PH neutral therefore safe for MOST surfaces. Alcohol is not intended for long term use on furniture or fabrics. Below is a list of HIGH TOUCH surfaces. 


  • Light switches, door knobs, and doorbell button

  • Alarm panels and thermostats

  • Bedroom drawer handles  

  • Computer keyboards 

  • Stair railings

  • TV Remotes and phones   

  • All kitchen handles and buttons, microwave, oven, coffee pot handles, refrigerator door handles, etc  

  • Water dispenser handles

  • Toilet handles, sink and shower faucet and handles, hand soap dispensers

  • All bathroom and kitchen surfaces

  • Hard backed chairs 


All homes are all different so PLEASE let us know your areas of concern!


9. And finally, NO CASH PAYMENTS! You can make a payment via check or money order.  You can also download Venmo, Zelle or Cash App on your iphone/android to make a payment easily and efficiently! (These apps are also FREE!!!)


As always, we will follow our already good practices such as using 100% Microfiber cloths, which remove 98% of bacteria and viruses when used in combination with professional cleaning products. Cloths are changed frequently, sanitized daily and never used in more than one home.


If you suspect you may have Covid19 illness in your home, please call to cancel prior to our arrival.  No cancellation fees will be charged.

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