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A Smooth Back-to-School Transition: Your Guide to a Clean and Organized Home

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Back-To-School tips for a clean and clutter-free home

It's hard to believe that summer's wrapping up already, and as the back-to-school excitement kicks in, I want to share some healthy home tips with you to help make your life and home clean and more organized during the hustle and bustle time of the school year.

1. Saying Goodbye to Summer Stuff:

As we bid farewell to the sun-soaked days, it’s time to pack away the summer toys, clothes, and items that you won’t be using now that summer is over. Gather the crew and turn it into a family event! Going through toys, books, clothes, and gear together is not only productive but might just uncover some hidden treasures, as well as help to teach the kiddos how to organize and help. Pack away the items you won’t be using till next year, discard any broken or damaged items, and donate stuff that is outgrown (click HERE to find a list of places you can donate items in the Amarillo area.) Looking for a way to make some extra cash? Have a garage sale and everyone pitch in!

2. Craft Your Cleaning Calendar:

When it comes to cleaning, planning can save you heaps of time and overwhelm. Create a cleaning schedule tailored to your week, by assigning tasks to each day, you'll conquer messes without feeling overwhelmed. Cleaning is a team sport—get everyone involved! Delegate age-appropriate chores to your little ones, it's not just about a spotless home; it's a chance to teach responsibility in a fun way. HERE is a list of chore apps to choose from to help keep you and your family on task for a clean and healthy home.

3. Guardians of Germ-Free Spaces:

Back-to-school means back to germs, but worry not! Ways to limit the amount of germs tracked into your home is by creating a "clean zone" near the door for backpacks and shoes. If you have a table near the front door, you can also keep hand sanitizer there to be sure you’re killing germs when coming in and going out of your home. Make sure you’re cleaning and sanitizing your high-touch areas (door knobs, fridge/microwave/oven handles, remotes, etc) a few times a week.

4. Meal & Snack Prep Joy, Minus the Mess:

Meal & Snack time spills are practically a rite of passage. Empower your little ones when it comes to making meals and snacks by designating a food prep corner for smooth sailing. Not only does this allow them to learn how to put meals & snacks together, but it also helps to limit mess to one area.

5. Laundry Zen Masterclass:

Laundry can be a breeze with the right strategy. Individual laundry baskets for each family member—are a great way to help tame the laundry beast that can become the dreaded “Mount Everest One Pile” of laundry when everyone uses just one. When everyone has their own basket, they know exactly where their items are and you can start to implement a clothing rotation laundry schedule into your chore list! Learning how to properly wash, fold and put away clothes is an essential skill to learn and helps to keep everyone aware of personal hygiene and clothing care.

7. Cheers to the Small Victories:

Transitioning isn't always smooth, but there are plenty of small wins to celebrate. A tidy playroom? Give yourself a pat on the back! A stress-free morning routine? Dance it out! Remember, every little achievement counts.

So, there you have it—a game plan to keep your home clean, organized, and running smoothly as the school year starts anew. At Scents of Pride Cleaning Co., I'm thrilled to be part of your journey to a clean, healthy, and organized space.

Looking to maintain that sparkling space when life gets busy? Give us a call at 806-678-3729 to schedule a deep clean or regular maintenance session. Discover our array of cleaning services and request a quote at www.scentsofpridecleaningco.com.

Warmest regards,

Barbara Pierson

Scents of Pride Cleaning Co.


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